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The Best Plumber in Fort Myers, Florida

Ever experienced dealing with plumbing-related issues? Whether it’s a leak or you need a new water heater installed, getting a competent and trustworthy plumber is non-negotiable.

And why should that be the case? A simple leak could do some damage to your property if not addressed properly. Just imagine a simple problem with your pipes resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. But just as bad as having plumbing issues is getting mediocre services from a plumber


For anything that has to do with Plumber services in Fort Myers, there’s Scott’s Plumbing to save the day.

From new construction to simple clogs, Scott's has you covered.

We believe in accountability, action, and appreciation and we will show you that in everything that we do.

You can trust us to:

Arrive on time

Give you honest answers

Provide master workmanship

Use only quality, industry-backed materials

Hear what our clients have to say...

Today I had my sink faucet replaced by Chris, from Scott's Plumbing. He arrived on time and was very friendly. I'm very happy with the results and would definitely use their services again in the future!
Miguel Saludes
Miguel Saludes
I had a leaking diverter valve in my upstairs shower. Chris arrived from Scott's Plumbing ahead of time and fixed the problem in about 20 minutes. I could not have been happier with the service. I would highly recommend Scott's Plumbing to anyone who is looking for a reliable, professional and reasonably priced plumbing contractor. Their website is awesome as well.
Glenn Rush
Glenn Rush
I’ve used Scott’s plumbing twice and have been extremely please both times. Today, Chris was my technician and I found him to be an excellent representative of the company. Easy to talk to, courteous, and most importantly, very efficient and neat and orderly!! Great company!!
Tim Donovan
Tim Donovan
Fantastic service! Chris is always friendly, helpful, and does a great job. This was a preventive maintenance visit and we appreciate the effort.
Charles Hoppel
Charles Hoppel
Repaired toilet , install new ring and flange supplemental structure, new supply line. Checked all supply valves throughout condo unit and replaced whole house filter. Excellent service.
Robert Richmond
Robert Richmond
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At Scott’s we offer professional plumbing with friendly service. Customer service is our top priority, and that’s why we know the right plumber makes a difference.

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Scott’s Plumbing is the number one plumber in Fort Myers, FL. For the last 15 years, we’ve offered a variety of plumbing-related services. Among services we offer include:

  • ‣ Toilet installation and repair
  • ‣ Inspections
  • ‣ Drain cleaning
  • ‣ Piping
  • ‣ Water heater installation
  • ‣ And more!

Whether you need a water heater installed or you need pipes fixed, let our team of plumbers figure out and solve the problem for you.

We also offer emergency plumbing services for things that require immediate solutions. In these instances, we’re ready to step up even in the middle of the night.


Why choose Scott’s Plumbing?

So why choose Scott’s Plumbing? Here are some reasons why!

    • ‣ Experienced- You don’t want to rely on someone who just started his or her career as a plumber. When dealing with broken pipes and similar issues, you want someone who has seen it all. We have 15 years of experience as reliable and trustworthy plumbers in Fort Myers FL.
    • ‣ Professionalism- Clients can expect the utmost professionalism from our team. We will show up on time, and provide you with honest answers about your plumbing-related problems.
    • ‣ Emergency Plumber Services- Problems with your pipes and drains could happen at any given time. The good news is that we are here to help even in the middle of the night. You can be sure that we act fast to address emergency repairs in your home or business.
  • ‣ No Cutting Corners- Because we only want the best for our clients, we use the latest technologies and techniques in plumbing. Each plumber on our team also receives regular training to make sure that they are updated on the latest protocols in their work.

Our Top-Notch Plumbing Services in Fort Myers

Plumbing-related issues can already be stressful as it is. That is the reason why we are more than willing to answer all our client’s questions. During our visit, our technician will explain everything and let the clients know what has to be done.

Our company offers the highest quality rooter services for both commercial and residential clients. Considering our years in the business, we’ve become the most trusted plumber in the area. We only use the highest quality materials suggested by industry leaders.

With a customer-first attitude, expect nothing but good experience from our company. Our team of plumbers is willing to go beyond to make sure that you are happy with the results of our work. Our goal as a company is to make sure that we establish a long-term relationship with our clients. This is the reason why our past clients recommend us to their friends and family members.

General Plumbing

When you are confronted with recurring plumbing issues, it is better to consult professionals. It can be annoying if you do not understand why it continues occurring. However, if you engage our skilled professionals, you can rest assured that the issue will be resolved quickly. Leaky water pipes, clogged toilets, and clogged drains – we can fix them all.

In addition, we also appreciate your time. Therefore, we ensure that our dispatch vans contain all the necessary tools and equipment to resolve any plumber related issue. We want things to be done correctly from the start. If we fail to do so, we will return and continue working until you are completely happy.

Drain Cleaning

In addition to our exceptional general plumber services, we also provide drain cleanings. Our drain cleaning service is capable of addressing any issue, such as when tree roots clog your water line. Our cutting-edge equipment can clean and remove any dirt from your drains. We assure you that the length of our cleaning cables will reach the lowest sections of any drain or sewer.

After everything has been completed, our specialists will provide you with expert recommendations so that you no longer have to suffer from plumbing issues. You can then decide whether or not to follow our recommendations. Not to worry! We place a premium on integrity, which is why we discuss several solutions with our clients. Consequently, you can make an informed choice.

Hydro Jetting

With a hydro-jetting solution, we can clear obstacles from your plumbing system and restore its correct operation. This is the most effective method for removing obstacles from pipes that could prevent water from freely flowing through them. Hydro jetting removes obstacles by flushing them out with high-pressure water, allowing you to continue using your plumbing system in a relatively short period.

Our hydro jetting services are the most effective way on the market since not only is it rapid, but it is also risk-free. If you require our hydro jetting services, we will send a certified technician to your home or place of business to assess the situation and clear the drains efficiently

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

A broken sewer line can cause numerous issues within a residence. If the problem is not resolved immediately, sewage may back up into your basement or spill out onto your grass. But have no fear! There are trenchless options available today that require minimal excavation, thereby conserving the integrity of your land. When your sewer line needs to be repaired, you can consider trenchless sewer repair. This type of repair does not need digging, allowing you to avoid the price and trouble of the conventional dig-and-replace method.

There are numerous advantages to choosing trenchless sewer repair for your house or company. The most obvious and great advantage is that it saves both time and money. Trenching is expensive, time-intensive, and messy. Additionally, it can create property damage that is difficult to repair. All of this is prevented by trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

Hot Water Tank Replacement

If you are unsure if your hot water tank is heating or not, you must constantly inspect for leaks. A little break in your hot water tank could be the cause of a serious issue if neglected. Fortunately, we offer replacement services for hot water tanks that are properly created. Our qualified professionals are skilled in all facets of water heater replacement and can provide you with relief from the cold.

When you request replacement services for your hot water tank, we will visit your home to check the condition. We will discuss your alternatives and assist you in making an informed decision regarding what is best for your home. Once we’ve verified that a new unit is necessary, we’ll install it immediately so that you may once again enjoy dependable hot water!



Water Heater Repair

Water heaters require periodic maintenance, just like any other device in the home that ensures comfort. When it’s time for a repair, you want experienced pros, right? In addition to experience, however, it is essential for a service provider to have the right licensure, certification, and insurance in order to deliver services safely. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that if an accident occurs, you are not responsible. You are fortunate to have us available to you.

Call us if your water heater seems off. You never know when a second opinion will catch a tiny problem before it gets worse. We’ll schedule you quickly. Our team arrives on schedule with a van full of equipment for your service. Our experts will inspect your heater to find any problems. We’ll explain our findings, answer questions, and make recommendations. You’ll have upfront pricing before any repairs. If replacement is better than repair, we’ll let you know.

No Job is Too Big Or Too Small

For Scott’s Plumbing, no job is too big or too small. Whether it’s new construction or a pipe issue that happened in the middle of the night, you can guarantee that we will be there to help you.

Our expert plumbers have extensive knowledge when it comes to plumbing systems. A plumbing system involves multiple fittings. Unfortunately, these parts are prone to getting damaged. It could be poor from maintenance, or because of tree roots. When dealing with a complicated piping issue, you want a plumber who’s well versed in these issues.

We can assess complicated plumbing systems and give clients a concrete idea of what the problem is. And as part of building strong relationships with our clients, we provide transparency to our clients. Here, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed, the extent of the damage, and even possible alternatives.

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Hiring Plumbers for New Construction and Renovations

Planning to have a new home? A plumbing system is vital in new construction. However, it’s a tricky process that requires an experienced plumber for the job

Pipes should be in place before pouring concrete on the property’s foundation. Also, the water supply should be ready once the property has been built. On top of that, there’s the drainage system and the plumbing fixtures.

Scott’s Plumbing can cover all these things. And not only that, clients are not left in the dark. They’d get updates and clarifications on what has to be done.

Affordable Plumber in Fort Myers FL

We understand that some homeowners and businesses are hesitant to call their local plumber thinking that it’s going to cost a lot of money. Some would even think that high-quality plumbing work and affordable prices don’t mix.

Well, that’s not the case with Scott’s Plumbing. Our high-quality work comes with competitive rates. We also provide you with an upfront price and guarantee no hidden fees. We even encourage homeowners and business owners to compare our prices with other plumbers in Fort Myers.

Looking for the Best Expert Plumber in Fort Myers FL?

We understand that clients are anxious whenever they are dealing with a pipe-related problem. In these situations, they need experts who are both competent and professional in how they conduct their business.

That’s where we excel the most. Our team arrives on time and will give you all the answers that you need.

Just give us a call today at (239) 288-9606 for an appointment. We’ll give you a free quote and discuss your options.

Fort Myers FL

Fort Myers is one of the fastest-growing cities not just in the state of Florida but in the United States. This tropical city is considered a gateway to the Southwest part of Florida. The city has a total area of 40.4 square miles and has a total population of more than 92,000 residents.
What attracts individuals and families in Fort Myers is the city’s slow and relaxed pace. To give you a perspective, around 25% of the city’s residents are retirees. However, there is also a growing millennial population in the area given the work opportunities in the city.

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