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Prevent a Leaky Wallet

PRO-Active Plumbing Maintenance Plan

You’ve made the smart decision to take the necessary steps to prevent plumbing issues before they ever happen. If for some reason you have a plumbing problem in the future, take comfort in knowing that as a preferred customer, you will receive faster service and a 10% discount on any plumbing services. All are backed by our lifetime guarantee. You’ll never have to pay twice for the same issue. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Experts recommend having your plumbing checked at least once a year. Our maintenance plan spots issues before they develop, taking care of them right away, saving you time and money.

Our Annual Plumbing Plan Includes

Standard Check-Ups

  • Water closets (dye testing)
  • Household water pressure
  • Placement of valve guides
  • Tub/shower drain (maintenance snaking)
  • Exposed plumbing
  • Drain flow operation
  • Water heater operation
  • Household faucets
  • Emergency water shut-off valves
  • Operation of toilets (dye testing)
  • Fixtures & drains
  • Exposed hot & cold water supply lines
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Clean-outs
  • Exterior hose bibs

Water Heater Check-ups

  • Element operation
  • Thermostat operation
  • Condition of wiring
  • Search for water leaks
  • Operation of emergency shut-off valve
  • Temperature control
  • Pressure & safety relief valves
  • Check drain valve operation

Preferred Customer Benefits

  • A 10% discount on any and all plumbing services
  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs
  • Waived emergency service fees
  • Access to preferred appointment times

Best of all this program is fully transferable. If you move, you can take us with you. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Prevent a Leaky Wallet – FAQs

The truth is that your home’s plumbing system deteriorates over time. Pipes do not last forever, and fixtures and appliances are prone to a variety of issues. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your plumbing in better shape and saving you money on costly plumbing repairs.
One of the most important reasons to invest in plumbing maintenance is to avoid plumbing emergencies caused by poor maintenance. Many leaks in your plumbing system begin as small pinhole leaks, but they will only worsen over time. Major leaks are one of the most expensive problems we deal with in terms of repair calls.

What you do on a daily basis can have an impact on your plumbing. Clog prevention is part of daily plumbing maintenance. Why should you be concerned about clogged drains? Clogs are not only inconvenient; they also reduce the lifespan of your waste pipes by increasing pressure and stress. Even a slow drain can cause issues, so get a clog cleared before it becomes a complete blockage. Better yet, avoid clogging in the first place. Because you use your home plumbing on a daily basis, you must maintain it on a daily basis. But how exactly? Simple plumbing maintenance can keep water flowing and waste from leaving your home. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most water-intensive and plumbing-prone rooms in your home.

Regular plumbing maintenance saves you time and money in the long term. When you work with our plumbers to create a maintenance plan, you can be confident that your home plumbing system will continue to function smoothly and efficiently. It will assist you in avoiding inconvenient and costly plumbing problems in the future. Our plumbers can also discuss any installations or upgrades they believe are required to improve the efficiency of your plumbing system.

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