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Trenchless Sewer Repair Lehigh Acres, FL

Previously, a damaged sewer line meant that a backhoe would be excavating a hole from your house to the street, damaging your yard. It’s fortunate that today’s trenchless systems require a little digging to secure your property.

Trenchless sewage repair in Lehigh Acres is great for homeowners who do not want to dig up their yards or have unsightly trenches carved into their property. This pipe repair method can also be performed on homes that have flooded owing to clogged drains or other problems with their sewage system. Trenchless sewer systems can also be employed in regions where traditional digging methods are not feasible because they do not require any excavation!

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair, Exactly?

Trenchless sewer repair is a modern method of replacing broken pipes that involves running new pipes via an existing system without excavating the ground. This method works well when there are numerous lines in the same region, but just one needs to be repaired.

Trenchless sewer repair in Lehigh Acres can be accomplished in two effective ways: pipe bursting and pipelining. The first method involves using a spinning head machine to cut into the existing pipe and yank it out while simultaneously pushing a new one in. The second method employs a spinning head machine that melts into the existing pipe and pushes it out while simultaneously inserting a new one.

Trenchless sewer repair can be performed with little or no digging on both horizontal and vertical systems.

The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair Lehigh Acres, FL

There are numerous compelling reasons to choose trenchless sewer repair for your house or company. The most obvious and wonderful benefit is that it saves time and money. Trenching is an expensive, time-consuming, and messy process. It can also result in unfavorable property damage that is difficult to repair. All of this is avoided with trenchless sewer repair. Here are some further advantages of this cutting-edge technology:


Safety is the first and foremost advantage of trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless sewer repair is done without the need to dig up your yard, so there is no chance of damaging your property or causing injury to family members or pets. The process of trenchless sewer repair also uses less water, which makes it more environmentally friendly than conventional pipe replacement methods.

Minimal Devastation

Trenchless sewage repair, as the name implies, does less damage to your property than standard sewer repair procedures. It is less harmful to your grass and garden beds because there is no need to dig up your yard and tear up your landscaping. Trenchless sewer repair also means less inconvenience for you because you won’t be without water while the work is being done.


Trenchless sewage repair works well because it employs micro-tunneling technology, which allows plumbers to conduct repairs without digging trenches in the ground. Small diameter pipes are placed into the existing pipe system through holes dug in the ground; once inside, special tools inserted into these pipes are used to repair their pipes. These pipes are then pulled back out of the earth in the same location where they were initially installed, causing no harm to lawns or gardens during installation or removal.

Low Price

Because they require fewer people throughout the installation and maintenance phases of the project, trenchless sewer repairs are less expensive than traditional approaches. Because trenchless sewer repairs do not necessitate extensive digging and removal, contractors will spend less time performing these tasks, minimizing their overall labor costs connected with this type of operation.


The most obvious advantage of trenchless sewer repair is that it is environmentally benign. It requires less water and chemicals than standard pipe replacement, resulting in less wastewater entering the surrounding ecosystem. This also minimizes the number of times people are without water during construction.

Quick, Clean, and Effective

Trenchless sewage repair not only protects the environment but also eliminates the messy trenches that are strewn over your yard during standard sewer replacement jobs. Trenchless sewage repair leaves no trenches or holes in your yard because it is completed without digging!

Our Trenchless Sewer Repair in Lehigh Acres Method

Your sewer repair can be broken into three steps: examination, cleaning and fixing. We use a high-resolution video camera to inspect your sewer system. Without an examination, we wouldn’t know where the pipes needed to be fixed or what was wrong with them.

We must clean the pipes after finding the source of the sewer problem to ensure that the repairs last. We utilize a specialist gadget to clean out any broken or damaged areas and remove any dirt and silt buildup from inside your pipes.

Finally, we make any necessary repairs to guarantee that your sewer lines are operational once again.

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Scott’s Plumbing in Lehigh Acres, FL go-to trenchless sewer repair company. Trenchless sewage repair is an excellent choice for homeowners who do not want to dig up their yard to repair their pipes. We can reach your sewer lines through a six-inch-wide opening on your property with trenchless sewer repair. This avoids the need to dig deep trenches to reach the problem spot. 

We take great pride in being able to provide fast service at fair costs to all of our Lehigh Acres, FL clients. Our goal is to keep our clients’ properties as intact as possible during our work so that they can continue utilizing them as soon as feasible. For more information about our plumbing services, please contact us.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Lehigh Acres, FL - FAQs

One of the more appealing benefits of trenchless technology is that it results in significant savings. This is the primary reason for the rise in trenchless sewer repairs in Lehigh Acres. When you combine this with faster installation, fewer disruptions, and fewer potential environmental damages, you have an ideal solution to your sewer line problems.

Lining the existing sewer pipeline can save thousands of dollars over replacing the entire line to restore plumbing system functionality. The savings are primarily due to reduced manpower, shorter repair times, the elimination of the need for digging equipment, and fewer inconveniences for the homeowner. Because the repair work is focused on the interior of the sewer pipeline, it should be simple to comply with local building and fire codes.

Professional plumbing services use video sewer inspection technology to accurately pinpoint the problem in your sewers without digging all over your property. This technology employs a camera that is sent down the line to provide a firsthand view of the condition of the pipes. This is why it is possible to diagnose a problem and implement repair strategies without having to dig. Not only is the repair method less invasive, but it is also less expensive.

It’s a sewer line repair process that involves cleaning and sealing with epoxy. It prevents leaks, keeps stormwater out, and prevents roots from growing into the pipe. It is done through an access point, which eliminates the need to dig a trench.

The good news about using this sewer repair technology is that your pipes only need to be 20% intact to allow for trenchless repair. As long as the pipes are not completely collapsed, repair and eventual rehabilitation of the sewer line pipe are possible. Before rehabilitating your sewer system, a condition evaluation will be undertaken. You will also be advised on the nature of the problem and the best way to address it.

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