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Drain Cleaning Fort Myers, FL

Maintain the health of your drainage system by utilizing our experienced drain cleaning Fort Myers, FL services.

Every property needs professional drain cleaning services on a yearly basis. Your plumbing system is a part of your home’s interior system. To ensure proper dynamics, it must be clog-free. A properly maintained drainage system removes wastewater and dirt.

Having your drains cleaned by Fort Myers drain cleaning service providers on a yearly basis protects your property from disastrous plumbing emergencies. Scott’s Plumbing is the finest company to call not just for routine maintenance but also if your drains stop working.

Symptoms of Drain Cleaning Fort Myers Services

Drain issues are often modest at first but can soon worsen if ignored. Our plumbers in Fort Myers can help maintain the plumbing system in your home. Here are several red flags indicating you should seek professional help.

Water Draining Time

Delayed draining indicates that your water pipes’ condition is deteriorating. If this occurs with your drains in the toilet, sinks, or laundry room, contact Scott’s Plumbing immediately to restore your pipes to their previous condition.

Numerous Blocked Drains

Clogged drains are a domestic nightmare that no homeowner wants to deal with. If you’ve done your fair share of drain cleaning on your own, the plumbing problem may be more complex than you can handle. When you require drain cleaning in Fort Myers, contact Scott’s Plumbing to locate and remove obstructions in your drainage system.

Foul Odors

Air fresheners can only do so much to hide the odor of clogged drains. Scott’s Plumbing, a reputable Fort Myers drain cleaning service company, can quickly dislodge any obstructions such as hair, oil, and food particles. Our dependable plumbers can also advise you on how to avoid future obstructions. Your house will smell great again.

Sounds of Gurgle

If you’re hearing weird or gurgling noises coming from your drains, you may require Fort Myers drain cleaning. The use of drain cleaning chemicals may harm your home’s drainage system. While the Scott’s Plumbing team is on the job, you can say goodbye to strange plumbing sounds.

Sewage Backup

Is there a puddle or a leak on your lawn, garden, or anywhere else? When water appears where it should not, it indicates a problem with your property’s drainage system. You may be experiencing sewage backup because your drains are either obstructed or defective. If this occurs, contact a Fort Myers drain cleaning service.

Expensive Water Bills

Unusually high water bills are one clue that your home’s drainage system is malfunctioning. You may be completely ignorant of a plumbing leak. You might save money on your water bill by contacting a reputable Fort Myers drain cleaning company.

Pests Emerging Suddenly

You’ve always known your house was clean and free of pests such as flies and rodents. However, they appear to have appeared out of nowhere. Even after properly cleaning your property, you discover that the pests remain.

Pests can appear suddenly when food becomes lodged anywhere in your home’s drainage system. Cleaning your drains is the most effective way to get rid of bugs. As a result, it is critical to employ a competent plumbing company in Fort Myers, FL, that offers drain cleaning services.

The Benefits of Employing Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Fort Myers

Having our plumbing professionals in Fort Myers clear your drains comes with a number of benefits, including the following:

Experience and Knowledge

When it comes to plumbing, you should choose a professional drain cleaning service in Fort Myers. Experienced plumbers are able to effectively diagnose plumbing problems and create solutions that not only address the immediate problem but also help to prevent similar problems in the future.


Emergencies with the Plumbing should only be addressed by professionals who are trained to clear drains. Avoid the following plumbing catastrophes for the sake of your family’s safety:

-The harm caused by bio-hazardous wastewater.

-Hazards posed by electricity.

-Hazardous Chemical Exposure.

Adequate Tools and Equipment

The evaluation and cleaning of your drainage system are best left to the experts, who have access to all of the essential equipment. If you hire a professional company to clean your drains in Fort Myers, you will have access to cutting-edge equipment that will return your plumbing system to its original level of effectiveness.


It can seem like hiring a professional drain cleaning service in Fort Myers is going to put a dent in your wallet. On the other hand, using plumbers who lack the experience to solve drainage difficulties does not definitely guarantee excellent results. It is much more likely that skilled plumbers would do the job accurately and without making any costly mistakes when they do it.

Tips for Maintaining Your Drain's Function

The kitchen sink is truly one of the most important fixtures in any home. It’s where you wash your dishes, prepare food, and do the laundry. But with all those dirty things going on, it’s no wonder that it can get clogged up pretty easily.

If you want to maintain your drains clear for years to come, there are a few simple steps you can do. Here are some useful tips for maintaining your drains:

Clean Your Drains Frequently

The best way to prevent clogs from forming in your sink is to keep it clean. Use a drain cleaner or baking soda and vinegar mixture once every few months to keep the pipes clear of buildup. If you have galvanized pipes in an older home, this will also prevent rust buildup.

Use Drain Screens or Strainers

A strainer or screen installed in your sink’s drain will catch large debris before it goes down the drain. It will also allow water to flow more freely when washing dishes by trapping small food particles that would otherwise accumulate and cause blockages. You should check these screens regularly for any buildup so you can remove them before it causes problems for other drains in the house.

Consider Having a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals grind up food waste and send it down the drain. This process can help prevent clogs in pipes leading to the main sewer line. However, if you live in an apartment building or other multi-family dwelling, consider using a garbage disposal with caution because it can add to the volume of waste going into your building’s septic tank or sewage treatment system.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

You may think that harsh chemicals such as bleach will clear your drains, but they can actually cause damage over time. Instead of using chemicals to clean your drains, try using hot water and vinegar or baking soda instead.

Don't Put These Things Down the Drain

The following are common home items that should never be flushed down the drain:

  • Grease and Oil – These are the biggest culprits in drain clogs. Grease will solidify as it cools and then hardens into a waxy substance that can clog drains. Oil, on the other hand, is frequently poured down sinks without being cooled first. This causes it to become thick and sticky, which can lead to clogs as well.
  • Baby Wipes – Baby wipes contain chemicals that should be disposed of with regular trash rather than going down the sink. These chemicals are not biodegradable and can cause blockages if they make their way into your pipes. Keep baby wipes out of drains by storing them in a closed container near the toilet instead of tossing them directly into the toilet after use.
  • Sanitary Products – Tampons, pads, panty liners, and other sanitary products are not meant for disposal in the toilet or trash—they’re made from materials that can clog pipes when flushed down the toilet or thrown out with regular garbage. Flush sanitary products only if they’re wrapped in toilet paper; otherwise, toss them in the trash.

Why Should You Rely on Scott's Plumbing for Your Needs?

Scott’s Plumbing is able to deliver high-quality plumbing services in both residential and commercial settings as a result of its team of highly trained professionals who are able to solve a diverse range of plumbing issues by making use of the most recent and cutting-edge technologies. Our highly trained plumbers are aware of the gravity of the situation when it comes to drainage issues. Because we have such stringent qualifications for our plumbers, we only hire the very finest to work on your plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning Fort Myers FL - FAQs

If only one sink is not draining, there is likely a clog in the immediate drain line. You can try using a drain cleaner or a drain snake to clear the line of debris. If the obstruction is inaccessible with a drain snake, call our plumber in Fort Myers, FL.

A clogged drain is evident when there are pools of water around your drains, an unusual odor emanating from your kitchen sink, or water that takes an eternity to drain. It is often more difficult than it appears to unclog a drain. Homeowners may be unfamiliar with how to use augers or drain snakes correctly and safely. Although there are times when unclogging a drain can be a do-it-yourself project, it can also be too difficult for a homeowner. Calling a professional can help you save time and money while also preventing future problems.

Do not throw cooking oils or fats down the drain. In chilly pipes, liquid fats solidify, causing blockages. Install a strainer that captures hair and soap slivers in the drains of your tubs and showers to prevent clogs, and clean the strainer regularly.

Typically, odorous drains indicate the presence of something emitting a foul odor. This could be food, grease, gunk, or anything else that made a home in the drain. What gets caught in a drain can provide a home for a variety of organisms, which can contribute to the odor.

A good old-fashioned drain cleaning is our recommendation. We recommend hiring professional Fort Myers plumbers to do the job because they have equipment that allows them to clean your drains without damaging them.

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