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Can We Put A Deck/Patio Over A Septic Tank System

Building a deck is one of the most pleasurable and fulfilling home renovations you can take on. Imagine finding the ideal spot in your yard for your new deck. No matter how intricate or simple, a finished patio is a great spot to gather with loved ones and enjoy your house. However, one concern can hinder your plans for creating a deck: can the deck be built directly on top?

What Is A Septic Tank, First, And Foremost?

Septic tanks are wastewater treatment systems that are typically used in rural regions. Although these tanks are typically placed away from homes, it is not unusual to see some buried tanks close to homes in areas with limited space.

A patio can cover a septic tank. However, that doesn’t mean you should. It is riskier and requires more preparation to install your deck with a septic tank. You must follow the proper procedures to construct a deck over a septic tank.

Learn the fundamentals of building decks over septic tanks in this article and the dangers and building regulations related to these projects, so you can decide if this is a wise decision for your house.

Septic Tanks Must Not Be Overloaded

Septic tanks can only support a minimum weight before being damaged, and you’ll eventually require access to the tank. Septic tanks are not designed to help weight, and future issues could arise if you construct a deck over the septic tank since you will need access to it to inspect or maintain it.

Septic Lines And Drain Fields Should Be Untouched

Additionally, it’s crucial to preserve the condition of the drain field and septic lines. After being treated by the tank, liquid waste can slowly drain out through the pipes and drain field. Depending on where you live, each deck footing needs to be at least 5 feet away from the septic tank if you want to build a deck over one. However, creating a structurally strong deck requires placing the footings close together. If the grounds are too far apart, the deck beams will droop, and it won’t survive more than a few years.

Health Hazards In Septic Tanks When Damaged

Overlaying a deck on a septic field is not a good idea since it will stop the effluent’s natural drainage and dissipation. Septic tank poisoning can also happen often if left untreated. Septic tanks typically last 15 to 40 years before they deteriorate physically. When that occurs, the internal gasses start to leak, or even worse; sewage water manages to escape.

The deck may also deteriorate from below due to the dissipating effluent. No one wants to hang out on a sewer-scented patio!

Septic tanks can be challenging to build a deck over; several considerations should be made even when building the deck. It is attainable but not always advisable. If you require assistance with your septic tank modifications, contact us at Scott’s Plumbing; we can help!

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