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Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink

You might say, “But I pour them down the sink daily. I’ve never had a blocked drain!” I understand throwing used coffee grounds right down your sink is more effortless.

I’m here to warn you to fight back that urge, though. You’ll damage your plumbing and lose the chance to put those grounds to better use.

Besides that, a persistent urban legend claims coffee grounds are beneficial for sinks and can clean or freshen the drain’s scent. Let our professionals tell you the truth:

Grease and coffee grounds are the two things that clog drains and cause the most blockages.

Let’s explore this issue more closely and see what you can do if you’ve already done something wrong and your kitchen sink drains are now clogged.

Why Coffee Grounds Are Not Suitable For Disposal In Sinks?

Because coffee grounds do not decompose in water, they clump together instead of grinding up and washing away as other foods do in a garbage disposal. Over time, this can cause the drain to become clogged.

It’s acceptable to occasionally pour the coffee down the drain if your compost or garbage is overflowing and you’re in a desperate situation. Plumbers advise that, if you must do it, you run a lot of water at once to make sure that everything is thoroughly rinsed. But beware—if you do it frequently, serious clogs will unquestionably form and require the services of a plumber.

How Should Coffee Grounds Be Disposed Of?

Coffee grounds can be disposed of in several ways without clogging your drains.

Throw away your used coffee grounds. Even though it might not be the greenest option, washing them down the sink is still preferable. A better choice? Put them in the compost bin. This is a simple option because paper filters used for coffee can also be disposed of in the compost.

Bury it in the ground. Use coffee grounds to fertilize your garden because they contain essential minerals for plant growth. In addition to fertilizing gardens, coffee grounds are excellent at absorbing pollutants and weighty materials due to their high mineral content. Worms are known to be drawn to coffee grounds and are beneficial to gardens. You can use coffee grounds as fertilizer by sprinkling them all around your plants.

Treat yourself. For a beautiful face or body scrub or to lessen the appearance of cellulite, combine coffee grounds and coconut oil.

When To Seek Expert Help

When a mistake is made and you require help with drain clogs or other kitchen plumbing repairs, it’s essential to hire a reputable plumber. Signs that a clogged drain needs assistance:

  • The sink drain is leaking water
  • Slow water draining from the sink
  • The sink is making gurgling noises.

It’s time to contact Scott’s Plumbing‘s qualified, licensed experts to inspect your kitchen plumbing if you notice any of these issues with your kitchen sink. We will quickly find the cause of your problem and make the necessary repairs to get your kitchen sink or other device operating at its best.

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