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5 Basement Ceiling Ideas For Old Home Pipes

The odds are that if you read this, you are remodeling your home, most probably the basement. It’s amusing how the basement used to be just a space for storage. It served as a catch-all for all the unnecessary or rarely used items. Yet more people are converting their basements into convenient rooms like playrooms, home offices, theaters, and gyms.

And with this trend going on, nothing is more exciting than having to change things up in your basement—unless you get caught up in a maze of old pipes overhead. While some people like the rustic look, most homeowners want to hide those eyesores. These ideas will teach you how to conceal old lines in your basement.

Your basement ceilings appear odd with exposed pipes, but don’t worry! There are many ways to cover the top in your basement so you can make it a cozy space for your home. Let’s begin! Here are a few ideas for decorating your basement ceiling.

1.  Coat It In Paint

You can paint over it, of course! The pipes will blend in better with the background if they are painted. White will reflect light, creating the appearance of a higher ceiling in an area typically dark. Likewise, a dark color, such as charcoal gray, will help hide the plumbing above. The benefit of the “paint everything” strategy is that you are not giving up any height, regardless of your chosen color.

2. Pair It With Embossed Tin Ceiling Panels

With its playful patterns and understated charm, tin can add a new level of sophistication to your basement, giving it a unique feel. They come in various designs and colors, and new ones have coatings to stop rust. Embossed tin panels typically come in cases of 10–12 pieces and are 2 feet square.

3. Install Glue-On Ceiling Tiles

You can create a lovely cover-up using decorative tiles. Additionally, you can create uniformity throughout your house by matching the tiles to what is already there upstairs. Glue-on tiles are frequently made of polystyrene or fiberboard; they are available in a wide range of hues, dimensions, and designs and can be painted.

4. Be Imaginative

If you’re artistic, you could paint a summer sky on your ceiling to hide your piping. To create the illusion of an atmosphere, install a material like plywood and use wallpaper or paint.

Tip: Having some skill with wallpaper is useful.

5. Consider Corrugated Metal

If the ceiling in your basement is low, using corrugated metal will give the illusion that there is more space than before. For a rustic feel, you might think about upcycling old metal sheets. For an exposed beam appearance, install them in between the joists.

Tip: To stop further rusting when working with rusted upcycled items, seal them with a clear coat. To make patterns, you might want to think about cutting the sheets into squares.

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