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How Much Does A Boiler Repair Cost

The boiler may provide domestic hot water but may also be a component of the home’s heating system. Therefore, it is impossible to disregard any occasions when a boiler fails. And although routine maintenance and upkeep guarantee it stays in excellent operating order, there are several occasions when a malfunction cannot be avoided.

The average cost for boiler repair is $402, with the typical homeowner paying between $188 and $626. This price may sometimes exceed $1,000 depending on the unit’s location, damaged components, and other considerations. Budget between $150 and $300 as the very minimum for the service call if your boiler needs repairs between yearly inspections.

Electric Boiler

Has the least amount of problems encountered; costs around $300.

Gas Boiler

Often has issues with leaks, the water circulation pump or the expansion tank; costs around $250.

Oil Boiler

Fuel pipelines, heat exchangers, or burner nozzles are usually problematic; they cost around $100.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Boiler Service

Throughout the lifespan of your boiler, you should budget for various boiler care requirements, such as tune-ups, frequent cleaning, and flushing.

Repairs vs. Tune-Ups

Tune-ups keep your boiler working effectively and enable specialists to look for problems. A boiler tune-up costs $400 to $500, and repairs range from $150 to $1,000. Tune-ups detect small flaws before they become significant. 

Most experts charge a set amount for maintenance visits and offer yearly contracts. “Callout” fees range from $150 to $300, plus hourly costs. Most experts charge $75-$125 per hour plus supplies. Compare boiler repair rates and timetables with multiple businesses.

Gas/Oil Boiler Cleaning 

As part of a service, gas and oil boiler cleaning costs $150 and $500. 

Uncleaned boilers may be unreliable and hazardous household appliances. 

Cleaning and tune-ups prevent mineral buildup and guarantee system reliability. At least once per year, most preferably in the spring, have a local HVAC specialist clean your boiler. Colder regions may need twice-yearly cleanings.


Flushing removes dirt and minerals from the boiler and lines to prevent overheating and corrosion. Depending on boiler size and pipe length, boiler flushing costs $200 to $600. Optional in an annual service contract.

Additional Factors And Expenses

  • In some instances, buying new components is preferable to repairing worn-out or failing ones. After all, whether a valve, pipe, pump, or switch has to be repaired in a boiler, the prices may be the same or even lower to have a new component installed by a professional than to fix an old, broken or defective one. 
  • Regular boiler cleanings and yearly maintenance may help deal with many problems before they arise. Because the average cleaning is less than $300 and the average maintenance cost is less than $100, it is a wise investment.

If you need a boiler repair, call our team at Scott’s Plumbing. Our experienced technicians will get your boiler back up and running quickly so that you can enjoy warm water again. We offer a free estimate, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a repair before you know what it will cost. 

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