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3 Reasons Why Hydro Jetting is the Best Type of Drain Cleaning

Drains and pipelines that are clogged stink, metaphorically speaking. Drain blockages disrupt your home’s internal plumbing, restrict water flow, and hinder drainage. This can cause a backup of water, which might overflow and cause terrible scenarios. Long-lasting obstructions can harm your pipes as well as produce leaks or even cause them to break! Fortunately, there are many ways to stop it, and one of them is hydro jetting drain cleaning.

What Is the Process of Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a plumbing cleaning technique that uses a specific hose to create a stream of high-pressure water.

This is inserted via the plumbing system to blast obstructions and clean the pipe interiors. Up to 5,000 psi (pound-force per square inch) of pressure can be produced using hydro jetting equipment, which is sufficient to clear buildup and dislodge typical blockages. This line is connected to an expert device with a water tank that generates the required PSI pressure.

The hose’s end has a specific nozzle that produces water spray with high pressure. Depending on the size of the pipe or the type of blockage, You can change the nozzle’s size or design. Before inserting the hydro jet hose, You may use it with a pipe snake to clear away surplus buildup.

These are the advantages of using a jet pressure service to clear the obstruction:

A Simpler Method

Cleaning your home’s pipes with conventional techniques may occasionally cause more harm than good if they are old or otherwise damaged. It is exceedingly dangerous to force a drain snake down a pipe that has already been compromised by rust or other types of corrosion. You run the risk of permanently damaging the pipe with one careless move. On the other hand, hydro jetting uses a pulse flow that lets the plumber focus on specific locations while avoiding others. Your ability to move about more easily inside the pipes could prevent a catastrophic plumbing emergency.

Long-Term Investments

When employing a plumber, price is always crucial, but hydro jetting will ultimately cost you less. It is suggested to plan maintenance every six months to ensure that your drains remain free of obstructions and spotless when employing different drain cleaning methods. However, that is no longer essential with hydro jetting. You won’t need to clean your drains again for at least another year because they will be thoroughly clean.

A Complete Cleaning

Hydro jetting involves forcing pressurized water through the pipes to remove the sludge and slime that covers the inner pipes. Debris is blasted away by the powerful water, which also flushes everything out on the opposite side. Hydro jetting eliminates all traces of muck throughout the whole length of the pipe, unlike plumbing snakes and other drain cleaning techniques. As a result, the pipes have a brand-new appearance and functionality.


For the past years, Scott’s Plumbing has offered hydro jetting, and we aim to make clearing your drains simple and economical. Call today to arrange a visit from one of our skilled plumbers if your drains are clogged or if you need help remembering the last time plumbers cleaned them professionally.

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