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Can Tankless Water Heater be Installed Outside

Every household requires hot water. Tank water heaters consume a lot of space inside the home. They are large and bulky, and if a leak occurs, they can cause damage. Homeowners are constantly looking for the best way to conceal a water heater, even if it means installing it outside. You must also have access to the proper plumbing and enough of it on the exterior of your home. Your plumber can tell you if your house is ready for outdoor  tankless water heater installation.

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters have numerous advantages. There is no better way to heat your home’s water supply if you want to save money and space. While tankless water heaters are designed to save space over tank-style water heaters, they present some installation challenges. They must be installed on the walls of your home and then vented outside. Here’s how to put a tankless water heater outside your house:

Remove the Old Water Heater

If the unit is powered by gas or electricity, turn it off and close the valves before working on it. Many gas lines have shutoff valves installed throughout. Turn off the circuit breaker for your water heater in your circuit breaker box.

Test the Electrical Wires with a Multimeter

Connect the corresponding wires to the probes and check for an electrical charge. If nothing is found, you can move on to the next step.

Unscrew the Bolts Found Throughout the Unit

After you’ve disconnected the electrical wires and potential gas lines, you’ll need to detach them from the wall. Set aside and inspect it for bent, old, or leaking components. Your wires should have at least 12 inches and no over 1 inch of unprotected steel.

Wall-Mount The New Tankless Water Heater

If feasible, cover as many holes as possible from the bolts of the previous heater. The unit should include brackets or screw holes for easy installation. Before wiring it up, use a leveling tool to ensure it is completely even and leveled with the wall.

Connect the Wires to the New Unit

Remember to turn on all the breakers or the gas valve when you’ve completed all the connections. Always check for secure connections and inspect the gas line for leaks.

Turn On The Power To The Unit And Test Your Work

Most new tankless water heaters will come with a meter that allows you to change the water’s temperature. You can set your water heater’s temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius.


There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a tankless water heater. Many are concerned with compatibility and whether you can afford to buy and install the heater. With numerous alternatives on the market, making a decision can appear impossible. That is why professional installation is recommended when alterations to the plumbing are required to achieve your desired results.

So when dealing with plumbing-related issues, do not hesitate to call us at Scott’s Plumbing; we assure you that we will provide dependable services. Hence, speaking with one of our highly trained professional plumbers will assist you in determining the best solution for your installed water heater professionally.

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