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Can A Clogged Drain Cause A Leak

Clogged drains frequently result in leaks in the pipes that are attached to sinks, tubs, and garbage disposals. Unattended clogs increase the pressure inside the drain, putting strain on your water pipes due to the increased pressure. Remember that drainage systems are made so that water can flow through them, not so that it can hold them there.

Steps To Stop A Clogged Drain From Leaking

Maintenance And Cleaning Of Drains Regularly

One of the best ways to avoid leaks caused by clogged drains is to keep your pipes as clean and clear of debris as possible. It may entail wiping down drains with pipe cleaners regularly or using special tools such as sink strainers or drain snakes to remove hair and other large particles that can cause clogs over time.

Putting A Cover Or Filter On The Drain

Installing a drain cover or strainer in your sink can prevent larger objects from falling into the drain, which can lead to a clog. Because of how easily drains can become clogged by this type of material, this can be especially helpful if you have pets that may shed their hair or fur into the sinks.

Regular Leak Detection

Another great way to stop leaks from a clogged drain is to watch for any indications of water damage in your home. It involves carefully inspecting your plumbing system for drips or seeps and routinely checking for water stains close to sinks, toilets, and other fixtures to ensure no increased seepage.

Proper Waste And Material Disposal

It is imperative that nothing that could potentially cause a clog in your drain, such as food particles or hair, be flushed down at any time. It includes pouring grease and oil from cooking down the drain, which can accumulate over time and cause blockages.

Ways To Unclog Drains

Boiling Water

Boiling water should be your first line of action. The heat will effectively and efficiently break up the scum buildup by this heat. 

Use Of Chemicals

In the unclogging procedures, you can also use the appropriate chemicals. These chemical substances are reasonably priced and work well to unclog drains. These chemicals can occasionally damage pipes more severely. So use caution when handling chemicals.


A plunger is primarily used to remove hair blockages. You can remove the hairs from the blockage buildup with air suction.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Pouring a baking soda down the shower drain would be best. Add vinegar to it after it has sat for a few minutes. This procedure is very effective at clearing out hair and foamy soap clogs.


A leak is always easier and less expensive to repair if discovered sooner. If you have a clog or suspect a plumbing leak, don’t put it off because it will only worsen the situation, increase the damage, and increase the costs. Contact Scott’s Plumbing immediately to address a potential issue before it causes more problems. Our team of friendly, licensed plumbers has the knowledge and expertise to quickly and affordably resolve your drain and plumbing issues. Call us now!

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